Storage System Inc. is the leading supplier of ruggedized portable computer enclosures. Our company provides a wide range of flat-panel related products from portable computing equipment to space efficient computers. Founded in 1988, we are the first original manufacturer to introduce “portable computers” with the launch of our portable computer with a built-in 10″ CRT monitor before the advancement of flat panel displays. Today, our product line has expanded to include portable and space efficient computing equipment that are suited for industrial and commercial applications.

SSI’s Prism portables offers a cost-effective solution for high-end portable computing. The wide range of add-in expansion slots, processor choices, and storage options allow the Prism portables to be optimized for applications ranging from data acquisition, medical equipment, diagnostic and testing applications, software development, to portable servers. The Prism N9 is the world’s first portable computer capable of using an ATX style motherboard. These portable computers offer expandability and upgradability unmatched by notebook computers, and offer compatibility to future standards.