Uncompromised Performance and Reliability Solutions on the Field

SSI recognizes the unique needs for military applications. On the field, nothing is more important for a system to provide the instant and accurate critical information to the soldiers in order for them to protect and serve while maintaining efficiency and civilian safety.

To safeguard the security of the civilian and troops, government and military agencies are some of the users with the most demanding computer performance and reliability in the most extreme conditions. Commercial notebooks or portable products on the market are not designed to withstand harsh environments nor upgradability. On the other hand, to meet the needs of such applications, SSI products are designed with performance, portability, and power in mind. Most of our portable products can utilize commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components to provide virtually uncapped power and upgradability. Our products have also passed various environment tastings and are granted of different safety certifications to guarantee the performance and reliability under the most demanding and extreme conditions.

Surveillance and Intelligence Acquisition

On the field monitoring enemy? SSI products are the perfects solutions for surveillance and intelligence acquisition. With the uncapped upgradability and portability, SSI products provide the necessary computing power for the users to gather and analyze intelligence information on the field. The ability of real-time signals intelligence (SIGINT) through interception and decryption of data allowing them to make the best real-time decisions on the spot.