Industrial Rackmount LCD Monitor

The RM LCD monitors are rugged industrial flat panel monitors engineered as a panel, wall or rack mountable display for use in harsh and space constraint environment. The RM product series are available in 5 sizes from a 12.1″ to 20.1″ LCD to accommodate different requirement. These LCD are housed in a ruggedized enclosure and protected by a 2mm impact resistance glass.

Advanced Video Conversion Board

Every RM LCD monitor has an advanced smart image-processing board built inside the enclosure. The smart-chip on this board allows the RM digital LCD monitors to interface with standard analog VGA video signal. Therefore making the RM monitors compatible with almost all computers, workstations and servers. The smart-chip has built-in gamma correction, brightness, contrast, hue and saturation control; a versatile support, HDCP decryption logic, auto image positioning, input format detection, and compatibility with all DVI-compliant (optional) signal sources.

Selections of Display

The RM series offers an affordable 12.1″ display in a 5U panel to a large 20.1″ high performance high-resolution display in an 8U panel. These displays are sealed and protected by a 2mm glass against occasional impact, splashes, oil and dust. A four button LCD controls are located in the front panel allowing users to fine tune the LCD to the desired brightness, V-Size, H-Size and resolution.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum chassis2mm impact resistance glass
  • Panel, wall and rack mountable
  • LCD size available from 12.1″ to 20.1″
  • LCD resolution available from 800×600 to 1600×1200
  • Interface and auto-sync with standard analog VGA
  • Compact enclosure with 2.5″ to 3.5″ rear depth

Model RM-TX15 RM-SX15 RM-SX19 RM-UX20
LCD 15"/1024×768 15.4"/1280×1024 19"/1280×1024 20"/1600×1200
Video Input DVI or VGA DVI or VGA DVI or VGA DVI or VGA
Enclosure 7U 7U 8U 8U
Dimension 19"x12.37"x3.52"  19"x12.37"x3.52" 19"x14"x 3.52" 19"x14"x 3.52"
Weight 10Kgw 10Kgw 11.36Kgw 11.36Kgw