Titan T-Series

The T-Series is a series of portable solutions built by an all extruded-aluminum outer shell with shock absorbing composite rubber corner blocks, providing uncompromised durability and ruggedness. The built-in LCD screen is protected by a thick impact-resistant glass. It’s integrated with a full size mechanical key-switch keyboard and a built-in pointing device. The internal 3.5″ drive bays are shock-mounted to protect the hard disk drives from damage.

Spark S-Series

Similar to the Titan T-Series portable computer chassis, members of our Spark family are also built with all-aluminum outer shell with shock absorbing composite rubber corner blocks to enhance their overall strength. Spark family are not built with extruded aluminum but rather aluminum sheets to significantly reduce the weight while still delivering superb strength and durability.


Portable ruggedized LCD display solution with built-in full-size keyboard. Your perfect rugged display on the go!