The high-performance portable computer designed for field and mobile applications

Spark-S9, the new & cost effective “Transportable Computer Building Block” from SSI. Put it at the heart of your high-performance portable computer solutions. Designed for field and mobile applications!

NEW S9T Series with three LCD screens

This portable computer chassis allows you to combine the latest in high-performance motherboards and add-in special function boards with a large display into a system that is compact and extremely rugged. It offers a cost effective solution to performance demanding portable computing applications. The system’s integrated LCD offers a high-resolution flicker-free visual environment that rivals tradition CRT monitors.

The Spark-S9 has the capability to accept a maximum of seven expansion cards (motherboard dependent) along with two 3½” Disk Drives, two 2½” Disk Drives, one 5¼” open Drive bay, one slim-type CD-ROM bay and one 2.5″ removable drive bay, offering expansion capability unmatched by any other portable system.

The all-aluminium Spark-S9 chassis is the ideal solution for applications such as portable servers, network/communications testing, field data acquisition, remote field service, exploration, factory monitoring/automation, new technology demonstration, and much more.

Card Retention System

S9 has a double card retention system that holds individual add-on cards securely at two points, with an adjustable pressure mechanism ensuring that half and full-length cards are secure during transportation.

LCD Screens

Spark-S9 offers both single-LCD and 3-LCD solutions with sizes range from 15″ to 17″ and 17.3″ wide screen.

Power Supply

Previous models of our trans-portable computers required special custom shape power supplies. With the Spark-S9 any standard desktop power supply will fit this chassis so you can meet the varying power requirements of different motherboards now and in the future.


  • 7 slots ATX form factor Rugged industrial build quality
  • Light weight aluminum chassis
  • Supports INTEL and AMD SOCKET type CPU
  • Integrated card retention stabilizers
  • Low profile membrane keyboard
  • Built-in glide point mouse pad
  • Built-in amplified speaker


Model ATX BP14
Diaplay 17" 1280×1024/17.3” 1920×1080 17" 1280×1024/17.3” 1920×1080
Video Input DVI or VGA directly to standard VGA card DVI or VGA directly to standard VGA card
Chassis Aluminum Aluminum
Audio 2 x 2W Speaker with Amplifier 2 x 2W Speaker with Amplifier
Platform ATX motherboard Industrial Backplane + SBC
Total Slot 7/4~6 Full Length 14/ 10 Full Length
Storage device 2x 3.5"+2×2.5" internal+1x 2.5" Removable hard drive+ 5.25" open drive Bay+Slim CDROM 1×2.5" internal+ 1"x 2.5"Removable  hard drive+ 5.25" open drive Bay+Slim CDROM
Power Supply Standard PS2 power supply 1U power with battery
keyboard/mouse 102key keyboard / water proof touch pad 102key keyboard / water proof touch pad
Dimension 441 x 340 x 242 mm 441 x 340 x 242 mm
Weight 12Kg 11Kg