Compare to S9T, M17T offer a more rugged structure and more EMI-shielding capabilities, they could be installed ATX motherboard,2~10 hard drive, up to 7 (5x full length)add on cards. It is designed a powerful removable system for field applications. Put it at the heart of your high-performance portable computer solutions.

This portable computer chassis allows you to combine the latest in high-performance motherboards and add-in special function boards with a large display into a system that is compact and extremely rugged. It offers a cost effective solution to performance demanding portable computing applications.

The Mil-M17T is able to house a maximum of seven expansion cards (motherboard dependent) along with 8x 2.5” removable drive bay, 1x slim DVD bay and 2x 2.5″ internal hard disk drives, offering expansion capability unmatched by any other portable system.


The Military standard Rugged Portable M17T at the ideal solution for applications such as remote flight control and simulation, on-site Full-HD video editing and broadcasting, network/communications testing, field data acquisition, remote field service, exploration, factory monitoring/automation, new technology demonstration, and much more.

LCD Screens

Mil-M17T has three17.3″ widescreen LCDs built in it to provide you with large display area with crystal clear details. The screens fold nicely into the reinforced enclosure providing unsurpassed portability and durability no matter where you are.

Card Retention System

M17T has a double card retention system that holds individual add-on cards securely at two points with an adjustable pressure mechanism ensuring that half and full-length cards are secure during transportation.

Power Supply

Previous models of our trans-portable computers required special custom shape power supplies. With the Mil- M17T, any standard 1U height power supply is compatible so you have the freedom to choose the right power supply to meet your specific needs.

  • 7 slots ATX form factor Rugged industrial build quality
  • with 8x 2.5” removable drive bay, 1x slim DVD bay and 2x 2.5″ internal hard disk drives
  • Supports INTEL and AMD SOCKET type CPU
  • Integrated card retention stabilizers
  • Optional Waterproof 108 Keys keyboard
  • Built-in amplified speakers

Model M17T
Diaplay 3x 17.3" 1920×1080
Video Input DVI/HDMI/Display port
Chassis Aluminum
Audio 2 x 2W Speaker with Amplifier
Platform ATX motherboard
Total Slot 7/5 length
Storage device 2x 2.5" internal +8x 2.5" Removable hard drive+ slim CDROM Bay
Power Supply Standard 1U Power supply (Optional)
keyboard/mouse Optional keyboard/ water proof touch pad/Optional 108-key Waterproof Keyboard
Dimension 468W x 370H x 261D mm
Weight 15Kg