Compact and ruggedized all-aluminum portable monitor with  full-size keyboard

The SMK is our answer to applications requiring ruggedized and portable display needs.

Similar to our Spark portable computer enclosures, the SMK is built to be rugged with aluminum chassis and heavy-duty shock-absorbing composite rubber corner blocks. The built-in LCD screen is protected by a impact-resistant glass. The optional keyboard with built-in pointing device is environmentally sealed, offering protection against water, dust and accidental spills.

LCD Screen

17.3″ and 20.1″ Active Matrix LCD with impact resistant glass protects the display from harsh and unfriendly environments.


The SMK173  comes  with optional full-size mechanical keyboards that is both durable and comfortable to type with.

Power Supply

Power adapter with 110/220V Power Input or optional DC 5V/12V Power Input


The SMK is the ideal display and input solution for applications where survivability and reliability is crucial. The following applications are just some examples:

  • Military base and field operations
  • Field service & diagnostic application in many industries
  • Portable servers & workstations
  • Network and communications testing
  • Field data acquisition Geophysical exploration
  • Factory monitoring/automation
  • Video and audio editing on location
  • Triple 17.3″ or 20.1″ TFT LCD Screen with impact resistant glass
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Optional keyboard
  • portability/ wall mount
  • 2x USB port
  • Single Display Port signal input

General Specification

Model SMK173DP SMK173DVI SMK201
Diaplay 3x 17.3" 1920×1080 3×17.3" 1920×1080 3x 20" 1600×1200
Video Input Single Display port 3xDVI plus 1x Display Port 3x DVI
Chassis Aluminum Aluminum Almiunum
Power Input AC 110~240V or DC 5V/12V AC 110~240V or DC 5/12V AC 110~240V
keyboard mouse Option 102 Keys keyboard with touch pad Optional 102 Keys keyboard with Touch Pad None
Stand Desktop or Wall mount Desktop or Wall Mount Desktop
Weight 9.3Kg 9.0 Kg 15.6Kg

wsmk 173DP