A very compact all-aluminum portable computer enclosure with Passive Backplane designed for Single Board Computers

The Titan-T1, it is now the smallest portable computer enclosure in our Titan all-aluminium range. It is built to withstand rugged use, offers limited expansion, can be upgraded and customized using standard off-the-shelve components.

T1 is offered with a choice of backplanes, either 2 PCI connectors or as an alternative a combination that has 2 ISA and 1 PCI , with a maximum of two usable slots.

LCD Screen

Selection of 200 NIT 14.1″ TFT LCD or 15″ 400 NIT TFT LCD with 3mm impact resistance glass protects the display from harsh and unfriendly environments.

Expansion Capability

The Titan-T1 offers an expansion capability rarely matched by other portable computers. Solutions can be easily customized for the majority of portable computing applications where there is a requirement for add-in PC card capability, massive disk drive expansion, and the ability to survive harsh conditions. The Titan-T9 offers seven expansion slots and four open drive bays, the ability to accept the fastest CPUs from Intel(R), and is capable of SCSI sub-system.

Standard Components

The key to cost effectiveness and flexibility The Titan-T1 uses standard off-the-shelf components to optimize price without compromising performance. It supports most standard ATX motherboard and passive backplane with 7 or 10 slots for above average expansion capability.

  • Light weight aluminum chassis
  • Build-in 14.1″ / 15″ TFT LCD Screen
  • Passive Backplane form factor platform
  • 2 full length PCI, ISA or PCI/ISA configuration
  • 1 shock-mounted drive bays
  • Detachable full size keyboard (water-resistant optional)
  • Built-in glide point mouse pad

Model T1-TX15HH
Diaplay 15" 1024×768
Video Input DVI or VGA directly to standard VGA card
Chassis Rugged Aluminum
Audio 2 x 2W Speaker with Amplifier
Platform Micro ATX motherboard
Total Slot 4x2U Height
Storage device 1×2.5" drive bay+1×2.5" Removable hard drive+ 1xslim CDROM
Power Supply 1U 300W power supply
keyboard/mouse 102key keyboard / water proof touch pad
Dimension 421 x 288 x151 mm
Weight 9Kg