Compact all-aluminum portable computer enclosure for MicroATX or Passive Backplane motherboards

The Titan-T5 is a smaller portable computer enclosure from the Titan all-aluminum family. It is built to be rugged, expandable, upgradable and customizable with standard off-the-shelve components. The T5 is available in both standard Micro-ATX or passive backplane form factor. Either models will support a wide range of processors from Intel and AMD which increases the product life cycle by not being obsolete in this fast changing industry.

Card Retention System

T5 has a double card retention system for double protection that holds individual add-on cards securely in two points, with an adjustable pressure mechanism. Now half and full length cards are always in place during transport.

LCD Screen

15″ Active Matrix LCD with 3mm impact resistance glass protects the display from harsh and unfriendly environments.

System Cooling

Two intake fans are efficiently placed to draw in fresh air blowing directly at the add-in cards. The enclosure was designed to allow air to flow through guided path then draw the warm air out from the exhaust fan in the power supply. The intake fans have a removable washable filter, which keeps dust and unwanted particles away from the system.

Power Supply

PC 300W ATX type for the Micro-ATX model and 300W 1U industrial type for passive backplane model.


The Titan-T5 is the ideal platform on which to build solution for applications where survivability and reliability is crucial. The following applications are just some examples:

  • Military base and field operations
  • Field service & diagnostic application in many industries
  • Portable servers & workstations
  • Network and communications testing
  • Field data acquisition Geophysical exploration
  • Factory monitoring/automation
  • Video and audio editing on location


  • 7 slots ATX form factor Rugged industrial build quality
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Build-in 15″ TFT LCD Screen
  • Micro-ATX or Passive Backplane form factor platform
  • Add-on card stabilizer4-9 full length expansion slots by various models
  • Up to 4 shock-mounted drive bays
  • Detachable full size keyboard (water-resistant optional) Built-in glide point mouse pad

Model mATX BP10
Diaplay 15" 1024×768 15" 1024×768
Video Input DVI or VGA directly to standard VGA card DVI or VGA directly to standard VGA card
Chassis Rugged Aluminum Rugged Aluminum
Audio 2 x 2W Speaker with Amplifier 2 x 2W Speaker with Amplifier
Platform Micro ATX motherboard 10-slt backplane + SBC
Total Slot 4 10 (includes SBC)
Storage device 2x 5.25" open drive bay+ 2x 3.5" open drivebay  1x 5.25" open drive bay+ 1x 3.5" internal drive bay+ slim Drive bay+1×2.5" Removable HDD bay
Power Supply PS2 1U  power
keyboard/mouse 102 key keyboard / water proof touch pad 102key keyboard/ water proof touch pad
Dimension 421 x 288 x229 mm 421 x 288 x229 mm
Weight 10Kg 10Kg

T5 MATX2014