Titan T97, is the flag-ship of the Titan series products, is cost effective and reliable. In addition to all the strengths of a T97, T97 offer a 20″ active TFT LCD screen, providing users with larger display area for more information. Put it at the heart of your high-performance portable computer solutions. Designed for field and mobile applications!

This portable computer chassis allows you to combine the latest in high-performance motherboards and add-in special function boards with a large display into a system that is compact and extremely rugged. It offers a cost effective solution to performance demanding portable computing applications.

The system’s integrated LCD offers a high-resolution flicker-free visual environment that rivals tradition CRT monitors. The Titan T97 has the capability to accept a maximum of seven expansion cards (motherboard dependent) along with four 3½” removable Disk Drives tray, two 5¼” open Drive bay, one 3½” internal and one one 3½” open drive bay, offering expansion capability unmatched by any other portable system. The all-aluminium Spark-S9 chassis is the ideal solution for applications such as portable servers, network/communications testing, field data acquisition, remote field service, exploration, factory monitoring/automation, new technology demonstration, and much more.

Card Retention System

T97 has a double card retention system that holds individual add-on cards securely at two points, with an adjustable pressure mechanism ensuring that half and full-length cards are secure during transportation.

LCD Screens

Titan T97 has 20.1″ industrial level of  LCD built in it to provide you with large display area with crystal clear details.

Power Supply

Previous models of our trans-portable computers required special custom shape power supplies. With the Titan-T97could use  any standard desktop power supply will fit this chassis so you can meet the varying power requirements of different motherboards now and in the future.

  • 7 slots Ext. ATX form factor Rugged industrial build quality
  • Rugged aluminum chassis
  • Supports INTEL and AMD SOCKET type CPU
  • Integrated card retention stabilizers
  • 2 x 5.25″ open drive bay; 4 x 3.5″ removable hard disk tray; 1×3.5″ open dirve bay; 1×3.5″ internal drive bay
  • Low profile membrane keyboard
  • Built-in glide point mouse pad
  • Built-in amplified speakers


Model ATX BP14
Diaplay 20" 1600×1200 20" 1600×1200
Video Input DVI or VGA directly to standard VGA card DVI or VGA directly to standard VGA card
Chassis Rugged Aluminum Rugged Aluminum
Audio 2 x 2W Speaker with Amplifier 2 x 2W Speaker with Amplifier
Platform Ext ATX motherboard 14-slot backplanee + SBC
Total Slot 7 14 (including SBC)
Storage device 2×5.25" Open Drive Bay + 4x 3.5" Removable HDD Bay + 2 x 3.5" internal Drive Bay 2×5.25" Open Drive Bay + 4x 3.5"  internal Drive Bay + 1x 3.5" Open Drive Bay
Power Supply Standard PS2 Power Supply Standard PS2 Power Supply
keyboard/mouse 102 key keyboard/ water proof touch pad 102 key keyboard/ water proof touch pad
Dimension 510 x 386 x 236 mm 510 x 386 x 236 mm
Weight 18Kg 18Kg



T97 bp142014